Urban RootsWild Alaskan Salmon Oil (375mg)





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Give your pets the powerhouse combination of all natural Wild-Alaskan salmon oil infused with Hemp Oil for Daily Wellness! Salmon oil provides 100% accessible EPA and DHA immediately available to your animals. By combining these essential fatty acids with Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil you are providing excellent absorption of Hemp Oil and Omega 3s for daily wellness. We believe 100% your pets will benefit from all natural hemp oil in various forms, but the cost benefits to you and the health benefits to your pets cannot be overlooked! We have made the ultimate package for daily health and balance! Add to your pets morning and evening meals to achieve target doseIngredients: Salmon Oil, Agricultural Hemp OilBeneficial EffectsRelieves dry, itchy skinPromotes healthy skin and coatImproves joint mobilitySupports the immune systemNatural vitamin sourceIncrease natural anti-inflammationProvides natural anti-oxidantsSoothes arthritic painImproves mood, especially in older animalsIncreased food interest with a new delicious taste

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